Brief praise to 2021
The last year has been very difficult for everyone, both financially and personally. That is why for family businesses, raised and treated with as much love and effort as ours, it is a pride to have overcome it. We are...
WELL-BEING-NATURE: Stimulating oils

Due to the hectic pace of life that we usually lead, sometimes we can find ourselves especially tired, fatigued or not wanting to carry out our daily tasks. Even without the strength to enjoy our days and moments of leisure!

With these situations in mind, in our WELL-NATURE aromatherapy range, we wanted to take advantage of the stimulating and activating properties of the natural essential oils themselves.

WELLNESS-NATURE: aromatherapy for relaxation

Stress and difficulty sleeping as well as concentrating are problems associated with the busy modern life , even so, the last year has taken its toll and, among other things, the incidence of these symptoms has increased. The WELLNESS-NATURE range presents different oils with which we can work on relaxation and induce feelings of calm that help us in times of increased stress or anxiety.

How can PROTECT-ANIMAL benefit my pet?
To help the relationship between pets and their owners, PROTECT-ANIMAL offers different preparations from essential oils that are aimed at four of the main problems that pet owners encounter. Enter and discover them.

For animal aromatherapy we will work with an atmosphere where, in a non-invasive way, our pet can get used to the olfactory stimulus in an organic and relaxed way.

In this article we explain all the details of how to bring aromatherapy to your pet's life.

Animal Aromatherapy Origins and Uses
Aromatherapy can help us maintain a healthier and more comfortable relationship with our pets. As animal owners we know that there are several problematic situations that we can find ourselves in and for which the natural properties of essential oils are very useful.
Synesthesia and the art of painting sounds
The word “ synesthesia ” refers to a phenomenon of “union of sensations”. This means that some people experience mixed senses: for example, seeing colors while listening to a song or appreciating flavors when smelling a particular aroma.
Aroma as part of the customer experience

Who does not have an olfactory memory? Perhaps the smell of chalk that transports us to the school days of our childhood or the aroma of popcorn on movie nights? ...

Olfactory marketing in hotels: Best scents to make your customers fall in love

Surely you remember the first thing you felt when you entered your hotel room on the first day of vacation. Freshness, cleanliness, beach, sun, adventures... That's why scent marketing is so important in hotels...